The other day one of my cornflower alerts sent me to the Kijiji website where it appears someone in Moncton, ON is selling some of their Hughes Corn Flower:

I’m an avid collector of Hughes Corn flower and would like to sell my extra’s. I have candlewick, clear & colored items for sale. Please contact me if you are interested. Pictures available.


  1. Hello, I am a new collector to Cronflower. I would be interested in buying some pieces, love the candlewick line. drop me a line let me know what you have with some pricing.
    Thanks Dave

    1. I have one larger water goblet and 1 apertif and one gorgeous hand blown, hand cut, hughes oil lamp chimney to die for.

  2. I am interested in any clear vases or pitchers in this pattern. Do you have any other pieces still available?

  3. Hi
    My name is Stephanie and I purchased an amber stem wineglass from the auction at Dufferin county museum and I would like to sell it for $75 (obo). I purchased it for $100.
    If interested please call me at 416-270-9324.

  4. Hi Dave
    I have a few candlewick pieces I am interested in selling, please call me at 416-270-9324.

  5. hello, my mother received a corn flower round mirror, 2 feet in diameter, for a wedding present, in 1945. It was included in a moving shipment, and lost. Does anyone have an idea of what the value might be ? I have to make an insurance claim. thanks !

  6. I have some pieces from my mother’s estate in Toronto that I am interested in selling. She received these as a wedding set in 1944.

    Please feel free to send an e-mail of interest to cunninggal@hotmail.com for pics. I am now located in Seattle, and moving very soon to Texas so it would be great to be able to ship these to you by the end of the month. I have a PayPal account for convenience.

    Thank you!

    L. Sterling

  7. Hello:

    I am looking for 4 or 6 wine glasses of the pink cornflower.
    If you have any available, would you kindly send me an email.
    I’m in Oshawa

    Thanks very much

    C. Anderson

  8. Have you gone to http://www.rubylane.com? Their vendors are reputable and carry all sorts of vintage and antique items. Currently, they have many listings for Hughes Cornflower. Just go to their website and type “Hughes Cornflower” in the search space and click on “search item”. Keep checking back as vendors add new items every day.

  9. Hi my mother had the Imperial Candlewick “Cornflower” design on some plates, glasses, candlesticks and creamer and sugar~I would like to complete the set but dont know what other items were made in it. Where could I get a guide and even better where can I find pieces?

  10. I have a full set of cornflower crystal, water goblets, wine, juice, several other sizes I am not sure what they are for. Would be interested in selling whole set

  11. I am looking to add some pieces of Cornflower (circa 1950) to the lovely set my grandmother left me: I have the water goblets (the largest) and the 3 oz wine goblets. I would REALLY like to find a set (6-12 pieces) of RED wine compatible goblets, so an in between size would be ideal. The only problem is I don;t know if those ever existed!

    I live in Ottawa but can make arrangements to ship or travel for these pieces; they are of intense familial importance to me!

    Thanks for anyone interested.

  12. I have quite a collection of cornflower I have inherented, that I am looking to sell if someone is interested 🙂

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