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What a find!

When I’m in Value Village, I always look through the display cases at the front, and in the kitchen areas. Often the people who work there don’t recognize a valuable item. This happened the other day. I bought a 50th anniversary tray, still in its original shrink wrap. The shrink wrap had split open in a couple of places, and there were some scratches where the tray had been exposed, but other than that, it is in mint condition.

The price of the item was $1.99, but I actually got it free because I had a coupon. Not bad!

Blue Hughes Corn Flower

I met a dealer at a show in Mapleview Mall in Burlington. I gave him my card and told him to contact me if he ever got a piece of blue. Well, he got a piece and emailed me and I bought it. It is a lovely new Martinsville Radiance blank. I don’t want to share the price, but let’s just say that it is substantially more than the $1.99 I paid for the bowl mentioned in a previous post (over a hundred times more!)
But it’s worth it. I am particularly interested in collecting coloured pieces, and this is my first piece of blue colour.

What a bargain!

I was recently at the Value Village in Hamilton, Ontario. (Value Village is a store where people donate used goods and the store sells them and profits go to charity.) Outside they have a donation bin, and I spotted a large pedestal bowl outside beside the bin. The bowl was filled with old silverware. I asked a clerk inside the store if I could buy the bowl. She didn’t know and so asked the person who prices the glassware. He came around and studied the piece, so I was thinking he might price it high. He priced it at $1.99! Of course I bought it. Bowls similar to this are pictured in Krista Taylor’s book for $75 to $125. What a bargain!

New Acquisition

Yesterday Marsha and I went antiquing (as I like to do on Saturdays). We went to Lakeshore Antiques, the Forum Gallery, and the Ice Creamery (arts/crafts, antiques, and ice cream) all in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area. The first two were strike-outs, but at the Ice Creamery we found a beautiful Hughes Corn Flower double candalabra. It is pictured in neither Wayne Townsend’s nor Krista Taylor’s books. Similar candalabra in Krista’s book are priced in the $75-$150 range and I acquired it for $18!
At the same place (the Ice Creamery) we also got a mayonaise bowl and plate set (Hughes Corn Flower Candlewick). It did not come with a spoon, but I had one that seems to match. This piece is shown on page 91 (top picture) of Krista’s book for $60 – $80. I acquired it for $30.